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The School of Alternative Learning Settings (SALS) was established at the beginning of 2022, coinciding with a significant expansion of the Alternative Learning Settings (ALS) program.

The ALS program is a cornerstone of the State Government's 2018 commitment to address violence in public schools. The SALS provides alternative learning facilities and targeted support programs to students who have been excluded from school, or who are at risk of exclusion for violent and/or aggressive behaviour; who are capable, with time and the correct interventions, to relearn the social, emotional and self-regulation skills to reduce such behaviours. The approach is developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive and supports self-determination and interpersonal connection.

School Mission:

The purpose of the SALS Program is to provide an alternative environment from mainstream school settings that:

  • Effects positive and lasting change in the student’s behaviour;
  • Improves student interpersonal relationships and re-establishes positive engagement;
  • Connection with education and learning;
  • Restores safety and good order at schools; and
  • Acts as an early intervention and prevention program.

Each setting accommodates up to 10 students at any one time who are provided with an intensive, individualised program of support while they continue their education. There is a strong focus on developing students' social skills and ability to self-regulate, as well as preparing students for a successful transition back into the mainstream school system or onto further educational opportunities and post-school options. Students attending the ALS program remain enrolled in their home school and are expected to transition back to a mainstream school or alternative education placements once completed.

Staff work with students and families to identify support needs and assist families to connect with appropriate supports in their community. This may include a range of services to support family and student functioning and wellbeing. SALS staff develop individual learning programs in partnership with students and families to ensure both strengths and needs are incorporated.

Schools liaise with their regional education office staff to discuss the referral pathway for identified students.

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