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School of Alternative Learning Settings (SALS)

What to Consider?

SALS is a short-term intervention program focused on social and emotional development for young people displaying physically aggressive behaviour within a public school that without intervention may result in a school exclusion process.

Students attend via an Alternative Attendance Arrangement. This means your young person remains enrolled at their current school while they attend our program

Your young person will spend approximately 10 weeks, or as determined by an exclusion outcome, engaging at one of our sites with teachers and allied professionals learning about:

  • Themselves
  • Understanding and leveraging their strengths
  • Emotional regulation
  • How to manage their own responses when faced with conflict.

Our team then works with you, your young person, and their school to map a transition plan either back to their current school or the most appropriate education pathway.

Where to next?

  1. If your young person is attending a WA public school, talk with your school’s student services team about support for your young person.
  2. Your school will then enquire with their local regional office about making a referral to our school.
  3. If we accept the referral you will be notified by your school and a member of our team will contact you, to arrange a meeting.

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School of Alternative Learning Settings (SALS)